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    Debbie thyr

    I have at least 100 yards of brand new 100% cotton of various designs and prints. I will bring them Saturday to the ATC class with me unless told not to. This is quality fabric with little or no formaldehyde sizing in it.


    Jen Cobb

    Where are you located?


    we aare located in HUntington Beach CA

    marah johnson

    Debbie....thank you soo much!

    Jackie H

    My friends and I would love to sew some on our own for me to take to Haiti next January when I go for my 3rd mission trip. Is there a web site with a pattern. Also the undie request is huge.

    Have you ever heard of days for girls kits... Check that one out sometime.
    Can you imagine not being able to go work because it's your time of the month.

    Good luck with your project it sounds super amazing

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    Mixed Media Art Classes-Student art gallery

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      All photos in this album are from students work in progress or finished art. The idea is share what they made that you can see if they can create something beautiful so can you. Even if you dont think you have a creative bone in your body...The Art lounge instructors will assure you that you do! you will leave the lounge feeling accomplished and inspired!

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